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Dr. Nicole Lamartine, Conductor

J. Howard Meharg,  Founder

and Associate Conductor


One of the Pacific Northwest's finest choral groups. It's

made up of outstanding choral directors from all over the region.

They're well-known for their artistry as conductors,

but now PERFORMING from the other side of the music

stand. They understand the art! Superb singing voices, all,

who perform with irrepressible passion and with beauty

bordering on the transcendent.

2024 concerts will take place again in

Olympia and in Vancouver!

Saturday, Sept. 14 - 7 p.m. - Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Olympia
Sunday, Sept. 15 - 2 p.m. - Holy Redeemer Catholic Church,


HERE is  a link to the video of our 2023 Vancouver concert! 
You may also see the full concert video from our 2022 concert at
Pacific Lutheran University.

A 2023 listener had this to say: " yesterday 's concert.  I thought it was simply splendid, with the highlights for me being the Lauridsen setting of the Pablo Neruda poem (I was literally moved to tears). The Forrest setting of "Ubi Caritas" was still another highlight!" (D. B.)

Quote about the the concert of September 18, 2021: "The concert tonight was just perfect for setting off a re-entrance of live choral music to the public. Chor Anno certainly has a way with music in presentation, talent, depth of delivery and sensitivity to music. The dynamics and nuances of sound delivered in the varied pieces was exquisite. 'A Silence Haunts Me' was so moving and an absolute show stopper. A piece not to be missed or overlooked. Thank you to all involved in this concert of 'Resiliency'.  (S.P.)

We are always reminded of the power and inspiration that choral music can bring to us all by the words of none other than the great Robert Shaw as he speaks so eloquently from the past in saying, “…it seems to me that this union of spirits before goodness and beauty and truth is as close as men come in this life to the ends for which they were born. This establishes their humanity.”

The mission of Chor Anno is:

"To inspire, enrich, and educate diverse audiences and to mentor future leaders through the empowering artistry and beauty found in the performance of great choral music.”

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