Current program

Our 2020 program has been canceled. Actually we like "postponed" better than "canceled." Our 2020 program was selected and pieces for it were based on the theme of "Resilience." One important, slightly longer work, we were planning was "A Silence Haunts Me" by Jake Runestad. It's based on lyrics taken from a letter from Ludwig van Beethoven to his brother as the composer agonizes over his diagnosis of the loss of his hearing. We're so eager to perform the"Resilience" program that many of the following were scheduled for 2020. 

Our 2021 program: (not in order of performance)

I Am Glad - Dan Schreiner

A Silence Haunts Me - Jake Runestad
Abide - Dan Forrest'
A Little Song of Life - Reg. Unterseher
How Can I Keep from Singing? - Paul Aitken
Emerald Stream - Seth Houston

Like a River in My Soul - Arr. Tim Osiek

O lux beata Trinitas - Andrej Makor

All God's Critters Got a Place in the Choir

Distress - Reg Unterseher

Terre Neuve - Marie Saindon