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Concert selections from our 2018 program
Five Hebrrew Love Songs - Whitaker (Mil)

1. A picture is engraved in my heart:

Moving between light and darkness;

A sort of silence envelopes your body;

And your hair falls upon your face just so.

2. Light bride
She is all mine,
And lightly
She will kiss me!

3. "Mostly," said the roof to the sky,
"the disance between you and me is endlessness;
But a while ago two came up here,
and only one centimeter was left between us."

4. What snow!
Like little reams
Falling from the sky.

5. He was full of tenderness:

She was very hard.
As much as she tried to stay thus,"Simply, and with no good reason,

He took her into himslef
And set her down in the softest, softest place.


This edgy and dire sounding text was written by Ananias Davisson (1780-1857) and set to a haunting Appalachian minor song in Southern shape-note style. Our Matt Mandrones plays in "fiddle" style and helps us maintain that "rustic" character from the era.

And am I born to die, To lay this body down
And as my trembling spirit fly. Into a world unknown

A land of deepest shade, Unpierced by human thought
The dreary regions of the dead, Where all things are forgot.

Soon as from Earth I go What will become of me
Eternal happiness or woe Must then my fortune be

Waked by the trumpet's sound I from my grave shall rise
And see the judge with glory crowned
And see the flaming skies

Os justi mediabitur

Sung in Latin. Translation given here. Composer: Anton Bruckner

The mouth of the righteous utters wisdom,

and his tongue speaks justice.

The law of God is in his heart.

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