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Music from our 2023 program - Recorded at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church - Olympia, WA (September 16, 2023)

Music is in the order performed (live) in the concert.

Ritual-Jake Runestad-(2)Chor Anno
00:00 / 05:41

Often societal rituals persist for the sake of tradition. They also necessitate deeper reflection and reconsideration. Jake Runestad uses a "created language" and colorful timbral effects. "The drums and the chorus rage with a gritty intensity, while a lone soloist offers a softer, more thoughtful perspective. However, the chorus and drums drown out any possibility of an alternative perspective." Jake tells us that the work should be approached with an earthy, unrefined, primal quality...on the verge of a roar! 
Anne Lyman - Soprano; David Walworth - Percussionist; Brian Hoskins - Keyboard

In Profundum Maris-Nance-SparksChor Anno
00:00 / 05:04
The Dawn-Daniel SchreinerChor Anno
00:00 / 04:22
Ubi Caritas - Dan ForrestChor Anno
00:00 / 07:11

In Profundum Maris - Richard Nance with Lyrics by Kathryn Sparks
Deep in the ocean, fathoms far,
Beyond the reach of the brightest star,
In trhe abyss of the secret sea (Seemingly past wherre life could be
Sustained) lies a billowing bed of kelp
That waves in the dark, where sleep, where help,
Where the mystical marvel of music calls.

As the tides turn back and the current falls,

As the storms above relent, abate,
Becalm, bring peace, it is not too late.
Mercy and hope ripple through the green
Sea forest, inscrutable and unseen
Redemption hazy and far away
Until, like dawn of blessed Day,
Miracles, beautiful dreams, immense,
Suffuse the soul in every sense,
Resound to the rush as the seas roll by:
Too lovely is melody to die...

The Dawn was written Daniel Schreiner, a member of Chor Anno, in remembrance of Gordon Reiter, husband of Janet Reiter. This piece was premiered by Reprise in 2023, a group directed by April Duvic and Janet, both also members of Chor Anno.

The night is always darkest before the dawn.
The dawn, bringing hope, bringing light, bringing joy to open our hearts and strengthen our souls. After the night, the sun will shine. The night will end and dawn will rise! The night is always darkest before the dawn.

Ubi Caritas by Dan Forrest (with Matt Mandrones, violin; Darrell Hunt, violin; Simon Nissen, Viola; and Makenna Bach, cello as well David Walworth, percussion and Brian Hoskins, piano.

Translation from Latin:
Where charity and love are, God is there. The love of Christ has brought us together.
Let us rejoice and be glad in him. God is there.
Let us fear and love the living God.
Let us love sincerely from the heart.
With a joy that is immense, he has gathered us together.
May we see your glorious face with the blessed Lord Christ.
Where charity and love are, God is there.

Vision Chant - BalfourChor Anno
00:00 / 04:20

Vision Chant - Andrew Balfour

Vision Chant incorporates the Ojibway word, "babamadizwin," which means "journey." Based on an Indigenous chant style, this work is striking for both its stillness and its intensity. The journey that is evoked begins and ends with a soprano melody, at first divided and then, symbolically perhaps, unified. What takes place in between these musical bookends is the vision itself.

If I Had a Hammer - CH JohnsonChor Anno
00:00 / 03:14

If I Had a Hammer - Craig Hella Johnson (Words by Lee Hays and Pete Seeger)

If I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning. I'd hammer in the evening, all over this land.
I'd hammer out danger. I'd hammer out warning, I'd hammer out the love between my brothers and sisters, all over this land.

If I had a bell, I'd ring it in the morning, I'd ring it in the evening, all over this land.

If I had a song to sing, I'd sing it in the morning. I'd sing it in the evening, all over this land.
Well, I've got a hammer and I've got a bell, and I've got a song to sing all over this land.
It's the hammer of justice, it's the bell of freedom, It's a song about love between my brothers and sisters, all over this land. Hammer. Bell. Song.

Arirang-Arr. Hyo-won WooChor Anno
00:00 / 05:09

Arirang - Arranged by Hyo-won Woo, sung by tenors and basses of Chor Anno

Arirang is most often sung in a lyric and floating style and in that mode is familiar to most people. Ms. Woo, one of Korea's prominent composers takes the song to new heights. Listen and you'll soon hear of what we speak! The translation of the lyrics, as given, are simply:
Arirang, Arirang, Arariyo, You are going over Arirang Pass.
The one who leaves me shall not walk 10 li before his feet go sore.
Just as there are many stars in the clear sky, there are also many dreams in our heart.

The Holding Carol - CH JohnsonChor Anno
00:00 / 05:07
Holy World - Shawn KirchnerChor Anno
00:00 / 05:15

The Holding Carol - Craig Hella Johnson (solo by Stacy Brown, Lacey, WA)

All the days feel like winter filled with shadows and gray,
eyes are heavy, spirits drifting, seems it's always that way.
For a young child deep within you, I long to sing from my heart
'bout a light that I can see shines in you, and shines in me.
Yes, you are like a starry sky, yes, all the leaves of ev'ry tree,
Yes, you are all the sweetest songs heard in the heart.
Dream, let us always, always dream, dream how the world can ever be.

Dream every blessing we receive deep within this joy.

Here we are, breathing peace in this holy place, every longing we have known, mercy and grace,
This is the healing gently flowing in us, Only joy, only joy, here we are.

Yes, you are like a starry sky, you have always been,
yes, all the names of ev'ry flower petals floating free
Dream ev'ry blessing we can share so deep in this love.
Holding us, holding us, love is always holding us, free from fear in the blessing of resting in you.

We are Yours, Yours only here we belong in this dark, in this light world You have made.
Only this, how we are together silent, silent, only this, heaven that we know; heaven that we feel:
only love all about us now, only love that lives within, love rivering in us, love walking with us still; this world love has made where we are.

Holy World - Shawn Kirchner (Tenor soloists: Ben Bouton and Evan Miles)

O, I have seen the beauty of a child born into this weary world,
Pure and new, placed into the old and careworn hands.
Holy world, where sorrows are turning with joy, holy world.
And I have seen how hopes slip away, slip away like shifting sand.
Only to reveal the rock and a place to stand. Holy world, where sorrows are turning with joy.
Surely, the rainbow promise of old still remains.
And surely there is a voice to which all souls resound. Surely the road is still there that leads the way back home.

And surely a mother waits for her lost to be found. Holy world, where sorrows are turning with joy.

This Light - Reginald UnterseherChor Anno
00:00 / 03:49

This Light - Reginald Unterseher (member of Chor Anno, with Matt Mandrones and Darrell Hunt, violins; Simon Nissen, viola; and Makenna Bach, cello) Poem by Jordan Chaney (2021)

From the mouth of the earth like gold on fire the sun speaks and spills its secrets of life of light then sings them to me.
I know what hope feels like inside, a light in the spirit, a place not too distant, past shadows and dimness this light I feel it.
It shines brighter and brighter, waxing a way still making a way. This light I feel it,
Sorrow became faith, woke up the next day with purpose with grace the sun in my soul golden light on my face, this light I feel it, shines brighter and brighter.

Ya eres mia-Morten LauridsenChor Anno
00:00 / 07:04

Ya eres mia - Morten Lauridsen, based on the love poems of Pablo Neruda: Soneto 81

Lyrics translated from Spanish by Dana Gioia

Now you are mine. Rest with your dream inside my dream. Love, sorrow, labor now must sleep as well.
The night revolves on its invisible wheels and joined to me you are as pure as sleeping amber.
No one else, my love, will ever sleep in my dreams.
You go, we go together through the waters of time.
No one else will journey through the shadows with me, Only you, eternally alive, eternal sun, eternal moon.
Your hands unfold their delicate grip, their gentle gestures falling aimlessly,
Your eyes close on themselves like two gray wings, While I follow the waters you bear which bear me away:
The night, the world, and the wind unfold their destiny,
No longer with you, I am nothing but your dream.

Does the World Say-Pederson-I Will Walk You Home-RistChor Anno
00:00 / 09:19

Does the World Say? - by Kyle Pederson (sung by sopranos and altos of Chor Anno) with Darrell Hunt, Violin and Kim Claassen, Soprano

I Will Walk You Home - Joshua Rist, with Justin Raffa, Tenor and Courtney Rowley, Soprano

Does the world say that you don't look the right way?
Does the world say that this isn't the right spot?
When it wants you there but not here and tells you all the things you are not.
I've been there, too.
It's hard to shut my ears to the noise.
I don't stand a chance if it is me in this world all alone.
The chatter is deafening, too overwhelming, it's hard to find my way home.
So take my hand...don't let go.

Does the world say that you don't think the right things?
Does the world say that you're not worth the time?
Does the world laugh when you fall, when you cry?

I Will Walk You Home - Rist

I'm stranded here, in a maze of doubt with no guarantee that I'm getting out.
And though my chest is choked with fear, I still feel the warmth of you drawing near.
A gentle hand envelopes mine and I feel you've come in the nick of time
Your whispered words pierce through my dark and begin to heal my wounded heart.

You tell me...I will walk you home, though the road is long, I will walk you home.

Measure Me Sky-Elaine HagenbergChor Anno
00:00 / 04:28

Measure me, Sky! - Elaine Hagenberg, Lyrics by Leonora Speyer (1872-1956)

Measure me, Sky! Tell me I reach by a song nearer the stars; I have been little so long.
Horizon, reach out! Catch at my hands, stretch me taut,
Rim of the world: Widen my eyes by a thought.
Sky, be my depth, Wind, be my width and my height,
World, my heart's span; Loveliness, wings for my flight.

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